Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Travelling again...and some NEWS.

I'm on the road again. Drove from my Dad's house in Mize, MS down to the Coast Sunday morning so I could attend church at Bayou View one more time (and have lunch with Avery and her Mom...haven't seen them since before I went on The World Race).

I spent a lot of last week on the road too. I drove up to Hinds Community College last Wednesday night and saw my buddy Gary Permenter as he was speaking at SYC (Summer Youth Camp...pretty original huh?).

I drove to Camp Garayway Thursday night to see some of my "girls" at GA Camp- a couple of BVBC kids are working there as well as some girls that were in Greece with me back in March.

I worked on my jeep a good bit...added street tires, a header and a new exhaust that added about 4 mpg to my fuel efficiency.

I drove up to Aberdeen and Amory after church Sunday and spent the night with my mother after visiting with Chris Thomas at FBC Aberdeen.

Yesterday I drove to Birmingham where I spent the night with the Trammell clan. Today I'm on my way to Atlanta to buy new shoes at REI (and try to get out of there without maxing out a credit card). I'm having dinner tonight with my niece. Tomorrow I'll begin my search for a place to go Riverboarding in NC on my way to Worldchangers/Powerplant Camp in Pittsburgh, PA.

Also, yesterday I finally received an email from the Insurance people that are clearing me for my interview with the IMB. I have less than a week to receive clearance and they were still sort of jerking me around. I sent them a fairly strongly worded email yesterday and today received an email saying that they still want me to have my Cholesterol checked again...but that...yes, I am finally cleared to go to the interview.

So there you have it. I will OFFICIALLY interview with the International Mission Board in Richmond, VA July 29-August 2. That doesn't mean they will offer me a job or that I will take it if they do. But I am looking forward to going through the process.


vickie said...

Awesome... okay, so I admit it... you're waaaaay busier than me... :)

Love you, little brother...

mrs.h said...

What a busy week you've had. Congrats on the interview. I'm a friend from Agricola, following your adventures. what are you driving and what kind of mileage does it get. You may not have enough for those shoes at REI!

Tina said...

YAHOO! That's great, Clinton! All your driving makes me tired. :) But you seem to have more energy than anyone so it's fitting. Please be safe on the road and have a great time in GA and NC...and PA!