Monday, July 28, 2008

Finally...Door # 3

Welcome back to my options. Even though I fly to Richmond tomorrow and hope and pray that all these options come completely into focus by the end of this week, I have yet another option.

While nothing has been promised and I haven’t even arranged for an interview with these people yet…there’s the possibility I could go to work with a mission-sending organization in Alabama.

It’s a group that I’ve been associated with for a long time as a Student Minister. I love who they are and what they do. The job would involve organizing and implementing mission trips all over the world for individuals and church groups. I would get to travel regularly to many of those countries. I would spend time promoting the ministry and dreaming about and developing new ministry partners around the world. I’m sure the job pays nicely and the benefits are above average. It would be fairly high profile work but I think it is work I’m suited for in light of my past experiences. I would be near friends and family. I have grieved a good bit thinking about living overseas and not seeing my great-nephews and great-niece grow up. Living in the Birmingham area would allow me to be near enough to them. I have great friends there already too and I love the area itself. I can hike and bike and kayak and climb rocks with my jeep or my feet in no time! I anticipate being asked to interview shortly after the IMB interviews have concluded.

What to do, what to do?


Anonymous said...

Hello Son, I wish I could give you help with your choices but then it wouldnt be your choice anymore, Rest asured that You are in my daily prayers , That God will be with you, To say that we all are concerned and maybe a bit selfish would be the least. of course your number 3 sounds better than the others, but there again my motives are of a fathers wish .
I want you to know that the first thing I do each day is read your site it is the high light of my days. I love you with all my heart, Daddy

Janet T said...

"anonymous" (aka Daddy) said it well, because the sister in me wants you to not be so far away either, but at the same time, I want whatever is best for YOU, whatever will bring you the most happiness and peace, even if it means you are far away. Because we're family, it's hard to be objective about the choices you've presented, which is one reason I'm kind of afraid to offer any input, but I'm going to take a risk here and say that options 2 and 3 sound the best to me because they both seem to allow for more individuality and freedom of choice on your part. I hope that makes sense. I know I don't leave comments very often anymore, but that's because of internet problems, because I'm like Daddy, I check your pages first whenever I can manage to get online. Know that I am praying (daily)for you as you try to decide which way to go at this point in your life. I love you always, your (little) big sister, Janet

mrs.h said...

I pray that the Father lets His will be so evident that there is no question about what to do, just obedience to do it.

Ashley said...

What big decisions lie ahead- I will keep you in my prayers, Uncle.

Tina said...

I love what "Mrs. H" said. And I think that this is such a cool place to be in - to have options, Clinton! To HAVE to choose is a blessing, even though it may not feel like it.

I also pray that whatever route you decide, you will feel overwhelming peace about it, that you'll be obedient to the hard work that any of the options will require, and that you will sense God's provision of everything you need to be effective for Him. We'll help with part of that and be at least 1/200th of your financial support to the Ukraine...IF door #2 ends up being the winner. :) Hugs from humid Missouri! - Thuy

Chad and Iris Starks said...

Clinton, we check up on you every once in a while. We read your posts while you were on the World Race. Awhile back saw that you were going to check out the IMB. Clinton, when a peace settles over you about all this you will know what to do! And, it will happen! Meantime, we are praying for you. Chad and Iris Starks (Elizabeth Uhles - June '07 Racer)