Thursday, February 4, 2010

How you can help me help Haiti.

My Dear Friends,

Are you as overwhelmed by the Earthquake in Haiti as I am? I wanted to go there the very next day. I’ve prayed a lot and my best response right now is to GIVE but even giving financial support is overwhelming. There are so many options, right?

Here’s a way you can give that will double your contribution. There is an immediate need for $61,000.00 for the purchase of 4 vehicles and a trailer to distribute relief supplies and transport aid workers through Adventures in Missions in Haiti. I will match your gift up to $12,000.00. I am donating the money from my Ukraine Account to fund this Match. The food and water is there; the bottleneck is a way to distribute the aid!

Adventures in Missions (The World Race people), in Gainesville, Georgia have a strong history of rapidly responding to disasters here and abroad. AIM Missionary Miquel Shaul has served in Dominican Republic for the last 5 years. He was in Port au Prince a few days after the Earthquake. An AIM Assessment Team was on the ground a week later. World Racers served in Haiti in 2009 developing and nurturing relationships with Haitian Churches. The network is there. AIM anticipates sending more than 2000 volunteers to Haiti this year. The first team leaves this week!

Teams serving in Haiti will need vehicles to deliver relief supplies and transport volunteers. AIM has already purchased one vehicle at a cost of $12,000.00. My goal is to raise at least $12,000.00 ($24,000.00 with the matching funds) to help purchase 4 more vehicles and a trailer.

Will you give to the Haiti Truck Fund? Remember, I am matching your gift dollar for dollar up to $12,000.00. Together I believe we can raise this money in just a few days! Your donation is 100% tax-deductible (and the deduction can be used on your 2009 taxes if you wish).

You can donate online right now at:

or (You can give at the Adventures site for ministry in Haiti in general but not specifically for the Transportation Fund)

Or you can mail a check or cash to:

Adventures in Missions

Haiti Truck Fund

6000 Wellspring Trail

Gainesville, GA 30506

Thanks for giving and praying.

In Christ,

Clinton White

Want to learn more about AIM’s response in Haiti? Check out these resources: AIMS’s Country Director in Dominican Republic

I have no official affiliation with AIM; this effort is my own on their behalf.


Vickie (Clinton's sister) said...

It makes me sick that folks like "anonymous" would pollute other people's blogs by commenting with trash.

Vickie (Clinton's sister) said...

Clinton, I'll pass this along to as many people as I know... that's a blessed and loving thing you're doing...