Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday- Pizza Day

Another Saturday.

We've had "Pizza Night" every Saturday that I've been here.

The first 3 or 4 weeks we had Domino's.  Yes.  Domino's Pizza.  You know those Portable Trailer thingy's you might see at some sort of festival or carnival??  Well, some enterprising genius brought a Domino's Pizza Trailer over from the Dominican Republic (I assume this because the writing on the trailer is in Spanish) and parked it pretty much right next to the US Embassy and across the street from a UN Compound.  I said genius, right?

Anyway, for a mere $18.00 a pizza you too can eat like a youth group in Haiti.

Alas, a large contingent of US troops have left Haiti so the Dominoes packed it up and moved to a new location.

But we had Pizza anyway- we bought it from the Quebec Hotel here in Port Au Prince...cheaper and just as good.

So...Saturday...after dropping off all our teams at the Airport, we enjoyed Pizza Night...and Worship Night while the entire team is in the house.

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Vickie (Clinton's sister) said...

Momma says that sounds like fun, and she loves you. Daddy says he's glad you got pizza, and they'll fix you some peas and tomatoes and potatoes and stuff when you come home. And me? You made me want pizza... I'm so easily influenced. Glad y'all had a good evening in-house, tho... praying for you always...