Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lousy Blogger

I'm doing a lousy job of blogging these days.  It's been, what?  About a month since my last post?

I guess my latest news is that I just sent out my "End of May" email newsletter via MailChimp yesterday.  So far, the open rate is below average.  Actually, in all 4 monthly mailings I've done so far there's a large percentage of people that never open the email so I suspect their Spam filters are catching it.  I should probably check with those people individually to see if they're aware of the newsletter.

Perspectives in the World Christian Movement-  Have any of you ever heard of or taken this course?  I'm starting it this week online.  I'm excited about it; I just hope I have the time for it.  I'm already behind on some work I'm supposed to be doing for training with International Teams!

Support Raising- I think every time I pick up the phone to make an "appointment" I get nervous and I hear satan's whisper that I shouldn't even bother- that the person I'm calling will be too busy or have too much going on to support me.  Most of the time I push through and make the appointment and so far over 90% of the people I've personally spoken with have joined my Support Team.  Why is it so hard to trust God when all He ever does is be completely faithful?

Memorial Day- I spent the long weekend in Vicksburg with my entire immediate family.  All my siblings were there, my parents, all the nieces and nephews and great-nieces/nephews.  There's something special about seeing that kind of continuity... seeing my nieces in my great nieces...that sort of thing, ya  know?  I'm grateful for them.  And at the same time...with it being Memorial Day Weekend I thought a little about my Dad and my Uncles who served in the Military (and my brother too).  I love to see those old pictures of my Uncles in World War 2.  They were all so young and dashing...and immensely brave to enlist knowing what the cost could be.

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Vickie (Clinton's sister) said...

I can hardly wait to get my music... love you...