Thursday, September 6, 2012

Exciting weekend coming up

I'm leaving at 9 am on the slow bus (8 hours by bus for a 4 hour car trip) to Kalush where I'll coach, alone, my first church in our Jesus Focused Youth Ministry Strategy.

It's not my first gig but it's my first gig alone...and this church will be "my" church.  The other churches I've helped coach were at various stages in their process already and I was pitching-in to learn the ropes.

So I'll be talking through a translator for about 8-10 hours tomorrow night and Saturday; pray for my translator!  Poor guy!

I'll be sharing an overview of our Coaching Strategy and helping their Pastor, Youth Leader and Leadership evaluate where they are right now.  Then I'll spend about an hour on each of the main elements of our strategy which are: Prayer, the Lordship of Christ, Building a leadership team, Discipling students, Penetrating Youth Culture, and creating Evangelistic outreaches.

I'll leave them with materials their Leadership Team can use to begin going deeper with Christ themselves and with the assignment to create a Prayer Strategy within their youth ministry with the goal of having all their youth workers, parents, and teenagers partnered with others for regular prayer each week.  


Beth in Ukraine said...

Be blessed

Vickie said...

Hey, Clinton... I just read this...haven't had access to a computer thist last week except limited access to Husband's i-phone... I have been praying for you and yours, tho.. and just know the weekend was wonderful.. love you...

paul musser said...

Clinton, I'm just discovering your website - may the Lord bless and strengthen you this weekend, as He speaks through your heart and mind (and translator!) to minister in this new situation!