Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I am about to get really busy for a few weeks!

We're leading worship again this coming Sunday morning.  I've had a lingering Cold and cough now for about 2 weeks.  But life doesn't stop just because I don't have much range in my voice!

Next Tuesday (March 26) I'm catching an early morning Marshrutka (overcrowded mini-bus) from here to Chop where I'll buy a train ticket to Debrecen, Hungary which is only about an hour and a half away once you get over the border.  From Debrecen, my friend Darrell will take me to the airport where I'll catch a plane to LONDON!  Woohoo!

I'll be in London nearly a whole week visiting my friend Charles and his son, Josh and some other folks who will be there on a Spring Break mission trip.  I have some other friends in London, too and hope to catch up with them as well.  I also plan to eat things I can't get here, go to some museums, maybe some Plays or Musicals, take lots of pictures with my new camera and go to an English speaking Church or two!  Probably Hillsong London!

When I return the following week to Ukraine (April 2) I'll have a 3-4 day turnaround before going to Kalush with Christina to coach the church there for the weekend (April 5-7).  Afterwards we plan to spend a night with the Blessing family in Lviv and learn more about their ministry.

From Lviv, I will go to Kiev by train where I will meet Douglas (April 10) a couple days later and where we will meet a team from two US Churches coming over for a vision trip.  We will visit some ministry sites there, in Ternopil (April 11) and back here in Uzhgorod (April 12)  and then go back to Kiev (April 14) where we will fly to Kyrgyzstan (April 15-18)!  I'm really excited about that trip!  We will have long layovers in Istanbul going and coming and I'm hoping to connect with some friends that are in ministry there!

Upon returning to Uzhgorod at the end of that trip (April 20 or 21), I will have another 3-4 day turnaround before working at and speaking at our Spring Youth Ministry Conference in nearby Mukachevo (April 26-27)!

The day after the Re:Fresh Conference, I will welcome a team of World Racers (April 28) who will stay with me in May!

What's your calendar for the next month look like?


Vickie (Clinton's sister) said...

omigosh... let me look and see and I'll let you know... but in the meantime, and always, I'll be praying for blessings and joy abundant for you and all you come in contact with...

Janet Tuttle said...

wow!! sounds like you have a super super busy month ahead of you!! i'm so glad you are going to go to London to see Charles and his son, I know you will totally enjoy your visit with them!!! Will be in prayer for good times and blessings all around for you!!! love and miss you!!!