Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Trust Falling

Last week many of the kids we regularly visit at the regional baby orphanage in Svalyava were sick and the Director didn't want us to visit.  Today we enjoyed an unplanned visit (another orphanage visit fell through at the last minute so we called the Director in Svalyava and he said we could visit today).

These kids are funny.  We were picking on our friend Katya today because one of the kids (my current favorite) gave me a really sweet goodbye hug and then initially just waved goodbye to Katya- like, "yeah, whatever, see ya".  (She eventually relented and gave Katya a proper goodbye hug).  Katya reminded me of the very first time we visited when NONE of the kids had anything to do with me.  It was disheartening to say the least.

But for the last few visits there's one kid that has latched-on to me.  Her name is Kristina.  She loves to run into my arms and sit in my lap and play contentedly for a few minutes with one toy or another.  Like all of those kids, she has a 30 second attention span.  She'll play contentedly for that long and then go find something else to do.  But then she'll come running back to me with arms wide like Billy Graham giving an invitation.

Today we all entered their playroom- at least 3 of the other volunteers were in front of me.  I could see Kristina looking for me.  As each volunteer entered the room, Kristina would almost jump in to their arms but then back away at the last second.  She was looking for me.  Finally, when I entered the room she jumped into my arms for a big hug.  Just as quickly, she was back down on the floor and running around.  A minute later she started running to me again, again with her arms wide open.  I did what any sensible person would do and immediately knelt down so I could receive the impending hug.  She ran right up to me with her little arms as wide as can be and at the last second just stopped, did a 180, and fell backwards into my arms.  At first it felt like, "psych, you just thought you were getting a hug".  But upon a little reflection I think it was an awesome display of trust.  She turned her back to me and plopped backwards knowing full well that I would catch her in my embrace.  She did a little trust fall.

I think about trust-falling into God's embrace.  In my head I know He CAN catch me; even that He WILL catch me.  But more times than not, I just don't choose to turn and fall.  Ah, to have the faith of a child.

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