Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Well, that worked out pretty good!

Here's an update on last week's post about what happened to our team at the regional children's orphanage.

There are some details I won't share publicly to keep from embarrassing anyone.

Last Thursday night I wrote a 2-3 paragraph email to the Chief Doctor at the Orphanage.   I thought it was pretty tactful (my friend who translated it told me she could tell that I was "mad".).  In any case, it had the desired effect.  Yesterday the Doctor called one of our team members and expressed a desire to continue having us visit the children.

Today one of our regular volunteers and I met the Doctor for coffee.  It was a good meeting.  We agreed to some protocols that should protect him and us and make the relationship a little more formal than it has been.  If we can meet the simple protocols then we should have no problems in the future with any of the other staff.

Among ourselves...the volunteers... we've already discussed the need for us to work harder at building relationships and serving the staff- especially the nurses that spend the most time with the kids.  There's no doubt the nurses are underpaid and under-appreciated and probably over-worked.  We'll try harder to love them from now on.

We hope to resume our visits next week.  Thanks so much to everyone that prayed about this situation.  There was a lot of of heartache on our part last Thursday at the thought of not being able to visit those kids regularly.  Today the Doctor told us he thought one of the things we do is help the children learn to interact with people (people not wearing white lab coats and being constant disciplinarians) and that helps them when they eventually transition into a real home.  I like that his outlook is that he expects them to find families eventually.

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Janet Tuttle said...

I am so happy for the children, and for you and all the other volunteers, and I thank God for clearing the way for you all to be able to continue with your orphan ministry! Wonderful wonderful news indeed!!