Monday, December 30, 2013

Unpacking a Busy December

Ever since arriving in Ukraine in January 2012 I've kept a daily "log" of the main stuff I've done that day.  This December has been CRAZY busy.  Here's my log for this month!

Dec 1- Sunday- Church; Led worship at Youth Club
Dec 2- Monday- Met with ICA Mission Team; Band Practice
Dec 3- Tuesday- Chaslivtsi Orphanage with Kyiv Team
Dec 4- Wednesday- Lunch for Kyiv Team at my house; Visit Chaslivtsi Orphanage; Band Practice
Dec 5- Thursday- Long Day! Staff Meeting; Retrieve letter at Nehemiah; Trip to Svalyava Orphanage; Pizza with Orphan Team.
Dec 6- Friday- Slept Late!!  Shopping. Led worship at Night Prayer.
Dec 7- Saturday- Early morning to Krasna Dontsiv Bazaar; Hosted Messianic kids at home for dinner
Dec 8- Sunday- Led worship in am and youth service.
Dec 9- Monday- Slept late; cleaned house; Band Practice. Saddened by protest in Kyiv.
Dec 10- Tuesday- Met with Doug about Radvanka; Doug and I met with Lola Kulchar And Volodya Sergochov.  Met with Sydney about Chaslivtsi; Going away get together for Anka and Sven, Bowling.
Dec 11- Wednesday- RD Staff Meeting; Trip to Svalyava Orphanage.
Dec 12- Thursday- Met with Anya and Rudik and Katya to sort clothes.
Dec 13- Friday- bought furniture; led worship for Alpha Course Conference.
Dec 14- Saturday- Went to Kiev for Euromaidan
Dec 15- Sunday- EuroMaidan Day of Dignity in Kiev.
Dec 16- Monday- Returned from Kiev; Band Practice
Dec 17- Tuesday- IT Staff Mtg; Toured Lola’s Ministry Center in Radvanka; Met with Orphan Team
Dec 18- Wednesday-Met with Andrey and Sasha about Apt; Staff Mtg; Met w/Orphan Team
Dec 19- Thursday- Met with Dima at Apt; Met with Orphan Team to look for Christmas gifts; Saw Sonya dance; met with Dima again.
Dec 20- Friday- Met Stephen and Heidi at train station; Band Practice
Dec 21- Saturday- Showed Stephen and Heidi around town a bit.
Dec 22- Sunday- Led worship. Lunch with new kids; youth service; bowling.
Dec 23- Monday- Shopping, Banking, Cooking and Staff Christmas Party at my house.
Dec 24- Tuesday- signed apartment contract; shopping; Katya’s house for Orphan Team get together.
Dec 25- Wednesday- Hallenbacks, Stephen and Heidi, Kent and Inga, Jason for Tacos at my house.
Dec 26- Thursday- Trip to Svalyava Orphanage and then pizza afterwards.  Long day.
Dec 27- Friday- Packed stuff; Finally got the key to the apartment.
Dec 28- Saturday- Moved two taxi loads of stuff; bought a bed; waited all day for furniture.
Dec 29- Sunday- Led worship; lunch at Vertep with Katya, Anya, Roma, Stephen, Heidi; Youth Worship.

Dec 30- Monday- Got more stuff for the apartment; long day!
Dec 31- Tuesday- early morning at Krasna Dontsiv Baraar; Meet ICA Team at Train Station; Chaslivtsi Orphanage; Youth All Night New Year's Eve Party (leading worship at midnight).


Janet T. said...

what an incredibly busy month you had!! sounds jam packed, but i know that it was also packed with blessings!! love you and miss you!!

Thuy said...

Holy cow. I know there was a lot of awesome stuff in there, but I got really tired for you and was happy to see that you slept in at least twice in the whole month of December! If I'm home when you're in the states, I'd love to see you!