Thursday, August 21, 2014

Slow Down

Finally, a week that hasn't been too crazy.

I've essentially enjoyed a little "Staycation" this week.  Our Ruka Dopomogy leaders have been out of town on vacation so no RD Staff Meetings this week.  Doug has been sick so no ITeams Staff Meeting.

Our Church is hosting a great conference led by a couple of Brits this week and even though I haven't attended most of the sessions I have made a couple of appearances to help lead worship.

Monday night during Band practice I got a call from our Pastor and was asked if I could host a young guy from Budapest who was in town to attend the conference.  It was a pretty quick turnaround but I said yes and a couple hours later I had another "tenant" at the Clinton Hostel.

Earlier today I got a FB message from a friend wanting to know if I could host a mutual friend that was passing through town for the I went home early (had been in the office doing some writing) and cleaned my room for her and made arrangements to move into the bunk room for the night with Budapest Ben.  Turns out she missed her train and couldn't make it after all but the rest of us got a nice big meal out of it and I got clean sheets on my bed!

Having 2 (well, one extra) guests during the week got me thinking about how many folks have stayed in my apartment since moving here back in January.  I think there have been about 18 different people that have spent one or more nights here.  A whole World Race team stayed a month.  One Intern lived here for 2 months, and 2 of them for almost 3 months.  I had some friends stay here for 3 weeks before I even had boxes unpacked.  Today I bought a nice blank book to use as a Guest Register.  Wish I had thought of that back in January!

And that's why I wanted my own apartment. My own place to hang my own pictures.  I'm still an introvert (probably more than ever before in my life) but I do enjoy hosting. I enjoy preparing meals and giving people a comfortable place to stay (maybe that's a holdover from my World Race days!).  I actually don't know where exactly this enjoyment comes from.  I don't think I have a Spiritual Gift for hospitality per se.  Rather, I just like to cook and I like to serve (sometimes...don't go thinking I'm saintly or anything- I'm not!) and in terms of hosting teams, I like being in the background and setting them up to be successful.

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