Sunday, November 2, 2014

30 Days of Praise...or something like that.

I did this a few years ago... the blog-a-day about some of the blessings in my life. Last week I had an idea for a twist on that.  I was listening to some music while doing some woodworking and I was thinking about how a lot of the music on my IPad is from artist that I personally know.  So I'm going to attempt to speak some praise and encouragement about some people and music that are special to me. This series might not be limited to music artist; maybe I'll throw in some guys/gals I know that are involved in some other ministries. And I probably won't try to do this everyday.

First up, hitting "Artist" on my IPad and then Shuffle...and going until I see the first artist that I know.

November 1- Chris Telfer.

Chris is a rugged Colorado guy that was on the World Race with me back in 2007.  I don't think I've seen him since then but we're still Facebook friends and he also married one of the fabulous girls that traveled with us so I'm able to sort of keep up with them via FB and Instagram.  He and his lovely wife Jenny have a little girl and a baby boy.

Chris is a great worship leader, a great songwriter, guitar player, and singer.  He's led many a worship session in places all over the world.  Since returning home he's released a couple of albums (available on ITunes).  I highly recommend his stuff.  He also has a website:

Chris's songwriting is really honest, transparent, real.  Most of his music is acoustic guitar driven and mellow; some of it is really catchy but not in a sold-out pop music way.

Sitting here listening to some excerpts of his music and it's hard to pick a favorite.

His 2012 Album called MATOO (Men Against the Trafficking of Others- an organization another former World Racer founded) features a title track called Matoo.  It's an anti-trafficking song in the vein of the great folk-commentary songs of the Civil Rights era.

Child Listen Closely features sweet guitar picking and some catchy "ladadada's" as well as a message probably inspired by the birth of his first child.

Dead Things Come Alive is probably my favorite track on this album.  It reminds me a lot of the culture of the World Race of speaking life over one another.

Chris's 2010 Album, Rooted Deep, features a little more musical diversity.  I really dig the Mandolin (I think) in I Will Remember and the harmonica (and message) in Lift.

Good stuff and I'm glad to say I know the guy!

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