Monday, February 9, 2015

TILT this!

This is the last week of a month long TILT Campaign to raise funds to open a Coffee House as a platform to reach University Students in Uzhgorod, University.

What's a TILT Campaign? TILT.Com is a social media crowd funding website like Fund Me or KickStarter.  It's the 2nd time we've used TILT. Last Spring we raised more than $10,000 and we're trying to do it again.

You can read more about the project on the TILT page:

The bottom line of this blog is: GIVE THIS WEEK. We are less than $1000 away from reaching our goal of $10K.  TILT works like other crowd funding sites: If we don't reach our goal then we don't get any of the money pledged on TILT.  But let's go even further: $10K just gets us through part of our current phase of remodeling, it doesn't finish the project. We need at least $20K. Don't give a few bucks to help us reach our goal; give sacrificially and let's finish the project.

We've already accomplished a LOT. We've remodeled and we've been using new office space for our ministry- International Teams- for more than a year.  We also turned one pretty horrid bathroom into beautiful separate men's and women's facilities.  We've installed heat and air conditioning and we've completed a Welcome Area (in the picture to the left). We share the restrooms and the Welcome Area with our Lead Partner Church next door. The Welcome Area is in use multiple times per week as a small group space for the church.

We want to have the Coffee House up and running by the time school starts back this Fall.  Because of the war in Eastern Ukraine, our city of Uzhgorod has received 400 transfer students from India and Africa. Our Indian Student friends are fired-up for the gospel- they not only want to reach their fellow countrymen (another 1200 students expected this Fall) but they want to reach Ukrainian students.  Having a core group of Christian University students has been the missing link for us having an effective outreach ministry to the universities in Uzhgorod.  We believe God is about to move in a new and big way in the University community here.

There's a couple ways you can give:

  1. You can give through TILT using the link above.
  2. You can give online at the International Teams website: be sure and specify that the gift for: Transform Uzhgorod, Ukraine/Coffeehouse Project
  3. You can give by check:
International Teams
Attn: Receipting Dept
411 W River Rd
Elgin, IL  60123
(again, specify the money is for Uzhgorod Transformation/Coffeehouse Project and if you give by check then send me a message so I can notify TILT since gifts received for this project at ITeams counts towards the TILT).

BOTTOM LINE: GIVE. The deadline for our Tilt Campaign is 3 pm CST Saturday, February 14.

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