Saturday, December 22, 2007

Therapy Revisited

Camping at my friends 1000 acre farm has been as much a part of Christmas for me for the past 10 years or so as anything.

When I was the youth guy at Bayou View
Baptist Church I accumulated what must be the larges
t collection of camping gear of any church in Mississippi. Back in the day there were NO facilities at the Farm. I guess I can take credit for a whole generation of kids getting to go potty in the woods for the first time. Maybe some of them will go on to The World Race. They'll be well equipped to do "the squat" and use whatever paper they have in their pocket to take care of business.

Over the years the campout has evolved along with the development of the farm. Now there's a barn and living quarters and bathrooms and electricity. The kids can stay up half the night playing Cranium around well-lit tables. Some things remain the same though- tent city, hayrides, Snipe Hunting, paintball, a bonfire big enough to make a Texas A & M Grad. homesick and jeep and 4-wheeler riding.

And like most other years it seems like my Jeep is never as ready to go as I think it is. It started overheating this morning. It went dead while I was attempting to climb up the old levee.

It's alittle embarrassing to tell you the truth but that's what it's like owning a Jeep!

The best part of the campout- last night as well as every year- is spending time with friends. The other stuff is icing on the cake- being outdoors, sleeping under the stars (it was pretty mild but humid last night- I have awoke before with frost and ice on one side and steam from the campfire on the other side!)

I've been pretty bored since returning home from The
World Race. I've missed my fellow racers more
than I thought I would.

Nights like last night (and tomorrow night's get-together with the college kids) make me glad to be home though.

Now. I need to replace the thermostat on the Jeep and figure out why my lights go out instead of dimming when I click that little switch on the floor. Guess I have some therapy sessions to look forward to.


Janet T said...

Love your Christmas "card", it suits you pefectly. Glad to see you enjoying yourself!

Vickie_Raulin said...

Awwww... so sorry the jeep fizzled... but glad you're having fun with your kids... we love you...

Vickie_Raulin said...

Hey, That electronic thermostat is ajustable if it is still working, Did you turn the switch on? it's on the fender well drivers side I tried to seal it up because if it gets wet "like mine" it does not work well. The directions are in the folder how to ajust. I had to close the contacts and use the switch, till I replaced the thermostat switch. Let me know if you need a new control unit I think I Have a couple more. as for the clue I did not "fix" them. Michael