Monday, February 11, 2008


A wasted day. Thanks, Uncle Sam!

So, it started with a 3 hour wait at the Mississippi High Patrol License Office in Bay St. Louis. With plans to help drive the “new” church bus to Dallas this coming weekend for the Passion Conference I went to the MHP Office to get the “Air Brake” Endorsement for my 16 year old Commercial Driver’s License. Actually, to be more accurate, I didn’t “add” the Air Brake Endorsement, but I removed the Air Brake Limitation from my existing license. As if just going to that office isn’t bad enough. I walked in a 9:00 am and claimed my number- #22. They were serving number 4. It took 3 employees 3 hours to see 18 people ahead of me!

Anyway, I did finally take and pass the test. Then I learned that 1) According to a new law passed since the last time I renewed my license, that I now need a MS Dept. of Transportation certified Medical/Physical Exam Card, which means I have to get ANOTHER complete physical… and 2) I have to condescend to an actual Road Test (which I can’t do until mid-March because they are so short-handed and overbooked.

Is it like this all over the world? Slow, inefficient motor vehicle workers and ridiculous red tape?

The rest of the day? Every time I think I’ve finally finished all the paperwork necessary for my IMB Application, I get an email from them wanting clarification (all in regard to the medical portion of the application). So at least 3 times now I’ve had to go back to my doctors with these emails and get them to put together something more than 2 lines of chickenscratch about my kidney stones or cholesterol or happy pills or whatever. I need to finish the App. Before I got to Greece in March…at this rate, it’s questionable!

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Vickie_Raulin said...

How frustrating... it's like following the dots and just when you think you're finished, you find somebody is up ahead adding more dots... you didn't by any chance pray for patience or something similar, did you? We're all praying for you and trusting God will give step in and make sure you have everything you need in time for your trip...

loving you... and praying for you always...