Friday, May 16, 2008

Passion World Tour in Kiev, Ukraine

I feel so privileged to have been there. I went to my first Passion event in Ft. Worth in 1999. I've been taking students ever since. The music, the worship, the speaking...the movement... has been as much a part of my life over the last (nearly) 10 years as it has for the students it was intended for.

I knew instantly- the first time I heard there would be a "World Tour" and that Ukraine would be a part of it, that I wanted to be there. I'm so fortunate to have been able to work my trip around tonight.

I spoke with my Ukrainian friend Oleg Vasilevsky (who translated for Louie tonight) a few weeks ago and he correctly guessed there would be perhaps 4000 in attendance. As recently as just a few days ago on the Passion Blog, Louie admitted there was no way to could be a 100, or a 1000 or more. Earlier today, one of the "crew" told me he was hoping for at least 2000 to make it feel like there was something of a crowd. It was apparent right at 6:00 pm when the doors opened that there would be that many and more. With each stop of the nearby Metro-Subway, a new wave of students entered the square in front of the Sports Palace. They kept coming well after the worship began at 7:00 pm.

I wish I could report in detail about what happened inside the palace tonight. Alas, I missed most of it. My job for the day was Security. I rotated with about 8 other guys (all Ukrainian students I think) watching one of the Stage Doors and the Entrance to the Green Room. I opted to spend most of my time on Guard Duty to allow those guys to be a part of the worship experience.

I can't complain though. I spent the whole day watching the Passion Staff - Louie and his wife Shelley, Chris Tomlin, Charlie Hall and Matt Redman as they went back and forth. I met guys and gals from all over the country that were spending their vacations to do what I was just simply serve and facilitate this event. I met missionaries and students. I got a cool t-shirt. It was a great day.

I even got to visit with my friends from Birmingham- Randy Hall and his daughter Madison. They were traveling with a group of students from Lugansk... some of which I met back in April when I visited there.

Super Amazing Day for Kiev. I overheard one of the Ukrainian Stage Hands saying that there's never been anything like this in Kiev. I bet there's never been anything like it in any former Soviet country. And this much I'm sure was a great crowd...but it wasn't all the people Jesus has in this city. It was just a sampling.

I "heard" the highlight of the night was probably the closing song- God of this City- when the crowd sang the chorus in Russian. It's a prayer and it's so true: Greater things are yet to come, greater things are still to be done in this city. The movement got a boost tonight. I have a feeling some of those kids will never, ever be the same again.


vickie said...

wow... the enormity of what God is doing brings tears to my eyes... I'm so glad you got to be a part of it...

loving you...

michelle said...


have you heard the story behind "God of this City?" gives me chills everytime.

love you friend.

Micah, Christy and the 4 J's said...

Hello from Ukraine,
My wife and I are missionaries here serving in a small town about 45 min. south of Kiev. We happened to be in Kiev Friday. We were meeting some missionaries from Russia and decided to eat at TGI Fridays for dinner. Were you there eating as a group before the Passion Concert? If so we were the large group with all the little kids across from you. Just thought I would post and say hi. I have some students in our town who also visited the concert...they loved it.
- Micah

Tina said...

Clinton, WOW. I'm so happy to hear about your experience and that you got to be there in person! Incredible. Love you much! ~ Thuy