Thursday, February 26, 2009

Week 7- Almost Done

  • I slipped and fell on the ice while wandering around downtown last Saturday. Other than being embarrassed, it didn't hurt. Until the next morning. Finally, it's sort of "not" hurting today.
  • Sunday morning I went to church at Kiev International Bible Church. A great experience. Like "International" churches in most big, foreign (non American) cities, they worship in English. I had already met one of the worship leaders a couple weeks ago. International Churches are always great- here there were Ukrainians and Americans and South Africans and Iranians...who knows who else. Not a big crowd, but intimate. We shared the Lord's Supper. They had a great they passed the elements...the bread for example... I broke off a piece of it and handed it to the person next to me (behind me actually) and said "Christ Body broken for you", and received it likewise from the person in front of me. After church there was a potluck and it was nice to have some variety in a meal. When I cook for myself, I'm pretty much a one-dish wonder!
  • On Tuesday night I was invited to have dinner with the Peipons. They are American Medical Missionaries here that I first heard about from my Birmingham friends- the Halls- back in 2006. My friend Allyson was there- actually, she cooked the meal I think...and it was FABULOUS!! Also, there was a group of young Ukrainians from their church having a prayer meeting and worship band practice and I got to play the guitar with them for a few minutes.
  • On Wednesday I met with Alan- one of the pastors at the International Church. We ran into Bruce and Mark- my language class cohorts at the pizza place. Then I opened an account in a local bank...after all the processing is complete I should be able to wire money from home to this account and not have to pay anymore exorbitant Foreign Transaction Fees for using my credit card in an ATM. I also did some grocery shopping and got a haircut. I thought of my niece Brittany the whole time I was getting the haircut because the girl cutting my hair was cute like Brit and the "Salon" was pretty hip like the places Brit has worked at. Think all black and white decor with loud techno music!
  • My teacher Galina wrote a note for me to give to the lady that "guards" the apartment door downstairs asking if she knows anyone I can hire to do my laundry. I gave her the note today and THAT was interesting! However...I think I understood her- she's going to speak to a lady in the building and get back with me.
  • Next Thursday three World Racers (including one of my former fellow racers) will be in town to begin logistics for the World Race Squad that will be here April. I'm looking forward to spending some time with them and putting what little command of the language I have into practice on their behalf.
I have been pretty good to post a few pictures on my Facebook page...but if you haven't been there here's one from this past weekend- it's the Statue of the Archangel Michael atop the Pecherska Gate in Independence Square.


Vickie (Clinton's sister) said...

Awesome... awesome.. awesome... there is so much energy and excitement in that post!

Tina said...

Do you think it's a bad thing that we are here in St. Louis and we are also one-dish wonders??? (Don't answer that.)

Thanks for allowing us to feel "close" to you even across all these miles. I am so happy you get to see familiar faces soon from the World Race!

Thinking about you.

Momma said...

I love you and am thinking about you and praying for you. It sounds like you had a lot of interaction this week and that's good, because I hope you're not so lonely. It's 70 degrees here yesterday and they said we might have some snow tomorrow. It's crazy weather. Janet and I got hot tamales when we went to Tupelo the other day. We'll get some when you get here again. We'll go get some for you. I love you and hope your banking things go through right. I wish I had enough money to put $5000 in your bank account every week! lol. Really. I hope you're enjoying the seasonings to cook with. I love you and I'm praying for you.