Monday, June 7, 2010


Here's a couple of nice "Hey what are you doing here?" moments so far in Haiti.

When I arrived the first night I ran into Stacy.  Stacy was on my World Race Squad and I think this was the first time I had seen her since Nov 19, 2007.

She's here leading a World Race Relief Team for the month.

It was awesome running into her!

This story will take a few minutes but it's a good one. This is Debbie from Tupelo.  A few minutes after her arrival today we figured out that we share the obvious Mississippi Connection.

In the course of getting to know one another she mentioned one of her daughters whose name is Shannon...and a slight bell went off.

At some point she mentioned her daughter went to Ole Miss...a big bell went off.

Then she mentioned that her daughter is currently on The World Race because some guy spoke at the BSU about it.  The lights, the bells, the whistle's all went off.

That's when I asked her if she would believe that I was that guy that spoke back in Nov 08.  Shannon applied for The World Race less than a week after I spoke.

It was almost like a little family reunion.

Debbie and another World Race Parent are in town for the week which is a pretty awesome thing for a parent to do.


Vickie (Clinton's sister) said...

That is so very, very cool. I love the way God weaves things together into His tapestry...

Shannon said...

Clinton! AHHH!! I LOVE THIS! I am so glad that you got to meet my mama... The other parents on her team are the parents of my team leader! AH! Do you know that without you speaking at my BSU, this wouldn't have ever happened? THANK YOU for being used by God in such an enormous way! I can't wait to hear how things go for ya'll down there!! Hopefully, I'll be running into you before too much longer! God bless you SO MUCH!