Saturday, June 12, 2010


It's late Saturday night.  A little past my bedtime really.  Here's what my weekend looks like.

First a couple of definitions:
Project Leadership Team-A Project Leader and a few Support Staff that live at a Ministry Site with one of the Short Term Mission Teams.
Mission Team- usually a church group

Teams depart on Saturdays.  We had a small group of teenagers from Indianapolis with us all week in the Staff House.  They were great, I really enjoyed having them around.  They had to leave at 6 am this morning so I was up in time to see them off.

  • At 7:30ish I made a "Water Run"- a trip to a local store to buy drinking water- about 130 gallons.
  • At 8:30ish I picked up one of our Project Leadership Teams and a few Mission Team Members from  their ministry site.
  • At 9:30ish I made another Water Run- stocking up...we need about 600 gallons for the Staff House and the two team houses this week.
  • At noon I took the last two participants to the airport...and picked up Pizza at the Domino's trailer near the US Embassy.

Tonight one of the World Race Teams joined us for our weekly worship time which was preceded by Pizza and followed by Ice Cream!  After the party died down I talked Sarah into cutting my hair.  Pictures later.

In the morning I'll make an Airport run to pick up 8 incoming participants.  At the same time, two Project Leadership Teams will go to their ministry sites.  21 more participants will arrive after lunch and 2 more later in the day.  After my first airport run I'll continue to make Water Runs and disperse supplies and participants to the two Leadership Teams before making a final airport run.

All this assuming all the vehicles keep running and I don't get lost going to or from the airport!


Vickie (Clinton's sister) said...

wow... there's so much more to keeping everything running smoothly than I ever imagined... good thing God's in control!

Tina said...

Clinton, all those vital water runs DEFINITELY constitue a work-out regiment in my book! :)

Anonymous said...

sounds like a packed weekend. :)

keep up the good Jesus work clinton.