Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Support Raising- Where am I? (and then a cool conclusion)

I don't want this blog to be about where I am in my Support Raising.  There's a cool story at the end.  Part of me wants to say, "I'm right where God wants me to be" because He's in control, right?  Part of me wants to say I am where I am because of the effort (and at times, lack thereof) that I've put in.  

Actually, I think it's both.  God is in control but there's work for me to do as well.

So I'll say a little something about "where I am" and then I'll get on to the real story.

According to I-Teams I'm only about 15% supported.  That's the monthly support I'm already receiving (as of last month).

According to commitments I've received from friends I'm a little over 40% supported (their bank drafts just haven't started coming through yet).  

I've had some really good visits in the last 5 weeks and I have about 10 "follow-ups" to make.  I know better than count my eggs before they hatch but I feel like most of those visits will yield monthly support worth maybe as much as 15-25% meaning I should have 60+% of my support as soon as I can follow-up on those visits.

But here's the cool story.

I received a $1000.00 one-time gift the other day.  

Now, that's only 1/60th of my total need (monthly support plus Start-up plus all my training/traveling expenses).  

And it's only 1/36th of my monthly support.  

It's 1/10th of my Start-up cost.

Hang on, I'm not to the cool part yet.

I've received some bigger gifts.  I've received some other $1000.00 gifts.

I've never received that big of a gift from a 16 year old though.  In fact, this kid is my youngest supporter at any level.  And I'm so incredibly humbled that a 16 year old would bless me that much.  

There are days when I doubt I'll ever get there; and then there are days like that.


Karen said...

God is awesome. People who listen to and follow God's leading are awesome. 16 year olds who listen & follow God's leading are really awesome. COOL story & Thanks for sharing. said...


Father, God... enable me to do something that big... or bigger...

Father, God... provide all for my brother...


just wow...