Monday, September 19, 2011

I guess I'm dreamin' of a White (family) Christmas

Today is September 19th.  Almost a year ago, in December 2010 I was accepted to serve in Ukraine with International Teams.  In my wild imagination I envisioned completing about 20 weeks of training and raising support in time to be in Ukraine by mid-summer.

After the initial phase of training in Elgin, IL in January and February, I revised my schedule in anticipation of going to Ukraine in August.

After attending the Support Raising Bootcamp in April I revised my schedule again with an eye toward landing in Ukraine in early October.

Ain't gonna happen!

I already have more supporters than I originally planned for.  That's a good thing.  The average gifts however are smaller than I thought they would be.  It's also been more difficult for me to get appointments and do follow-ups while working (support raising is a full-time gig and I don't have the time or money to do it that way).

SO.  I'm revising my schedule yet again.  I'm shooting for the first week of January- after January 7 which is Christmas in Ukraine.  This schedule will allow me to fully engage with my family and friends for the holidays so I'm excited about that.

I have a few friends who have been "early adopters" and have supported me since I made the assignment announcement back in December.  THANK YOU.  Money that is accumulating in my account will pay for my "start-up" expenses once I get there.  If you're planning to support and haven't begun yet, then please consider doing so.  Again, money that is accumulating will help with expenses and give me some "cushion".

Thanksgiving.  Christmas.  New Year.  Then I'll volunteer at the Passion Conference in Atlanta January 2-5 and fly from there a couple days later.  Lord willing.


Ken & Sherri Dundon said...

DO NOT GIVE UP, yes, I am shouting at you and we don't even know each other! But we do, one missionary to another, Christian sister to Christian brother! It took our family three years to raise support! Hang in there! Satan wants nothing more than to discourage you! If God is making a Way, then He's gonna Pay!!! Praying for you!

Vickie (Clinton's sister) said...

I'm with them... don't give up... God has great plans for you...

That said... yes, little brother, I am looking so forward to a White (family) Christmas with you before you head to Ukraine...