Friday, May 25, 2012

Registration Completed. Finally!

I can't believe it's been nearly a month since I blogged.  I've been putting it off just so I could write about THIS...that I've finally completed the Registration process.

It's not like I procrastinated.  I received my Letter of Invitation less than a month after arriving.  Then the letter had to be accepted by whatever government agencies are involved.  Then I had to go to Budapest to apply for my long-term VISA.  That only took a week and about three times what I had budgeted for a VISA.  Upon returning to Ukraine I had 45 days to "Register"; that is, to apply for and receive a Temporary Residence Permit which involves a LOT of paperwork with various agencies.  I was fortunate in that my church provided an Attorney that basically did EVERYTHING.  All I really had to do was sign enough forms to buy a house!  And pay a lot of money.  Did I mention that I paid a lot of money?  Here's an excerpt from one of the conversations I had with the attorney:

Attorney: "You must pay "X" amount to complete your registration. (X= the total amount due).  You understand that it actually cost "Y" amount for the registration and you will receive a receipt for "Y" amount (Y = the actual amount due to the appropriate government agency).   But you must pay "X" amount.  You will not receive a receipt for "Z" (Z = um...I can think of no better word than, Bribe which is standard operating procedure.  NOTE: Z was 7x more than X...also not budgeted for!).  You understand, yes?"

Me:  "Da".  What else could I say?

In any case, it's done.  I'm legal.  I have a Religious VISA good for one year and renewable this time next year.  Supposedly the renewal process is simpler (and I hope cheaper!).  I have an Official Temporary Residence Permit.  I'm good to go!


Megan Anderson said...

praise!! SO excited for you!

Tina said...

Yay! I'm so glad to hear that - but 7x the amount?? Yikes!