Wednesday, October 31, 2012

30 Days of Blogging. Day 1. It's my birthday.

I still don't know what my "theme" will be for this 30-days-of-blogging exercise, but today is my birthday.  I'll start there.  It's 4:55 am and any minute now the 17 year-old son of my landlord, Roma, will come downstairs and he and I along with his sister Ira and our friend Katya will go catch a train to Lviv for the day.  They promise we'll take lots of pictures.  We're going to a Waterpark and to see the IMAX Ukrainian premiere of the new James Bond movie.

Last night I received my first non-family birthday wish via Facebook.  It was from my friend Ivanna.  I doubt I'll receive anything sweeter from anyone else.  She asked me back in the summer to be facebook friends (she had heard of me from other friends) and the very next week we were together for camp and got to know one another in person.  Here's what she said:

hi , Clinton! I know it is your birthday tomorrow. A lot of your friends will congratulate you , so, i want to be first)))) I have never met as good person as you. You love God and it is wonderful. I thank God that i have been at this camp , and had a chanse to speake with so lovely person) I am very grathful for your love , peace... I love you sooooooooooooooo much))) I miss you sooooooo much. Thank you for everything) Congratulation)))))))

That's not a bad way to start a birthday.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful birthday greeting, and she was so right, you are a lovely person, and I feel so blessed to call you my brother!!! Hope you have many many many more beautiful greetings today!!! love you always!!!! Janet