Monday, January 14, 2008

Not a bad way to spend a day!

(Day 1 was Saturday, I arrived at the “big” house just after dark, set the TV up in the Master Bathroom and watched a movie while sitting in the whirlpool bath!)

(Day 2 was a lazy Sunday. I missed morning church because I was too late. Bought a newspaper and sat around the house most of the day. I did explore the backyard and the boat dock/pier and went to church last night.)

Day 3- Off to a nice start. I woke up about 9:00 this morning and enjoyed a relatively healthy bowl of Cheerios and an orange (not nearly as good as ANY orange I had around the world last year!) My routine includes a brief Bible study at the breakfast table overlooking the lake followed by some additional Bible Reading and guitar playing/worship from the downstairs room overlooking the lake (the acoustics are awesome in the basement.) I drove over to FBC Arley to visit with the Pastor (Bart- a young guy…we discovered we have a few mutual friends). Anyway, they are exploring a mission partnership with a people group in Peru and I wanted to know more about that and I needed to get permission from them to receive some mail from the IMB at their office later this week.

I got back to the “cabin” about noon and since it was a little breezy and chilly outside I had a nice bowl of Ramen soup for lunch (how’s that for reverting back to World Race cuisine). After lunch I managed to get my Kayak down the hill behind the house and did one hour of paddling in Smith Lake. I plan to kayak and/or hike EVERYDAY while I’m here until I leave on Feb. 8th or 9th. I also lifted weights a little last night before bed (that will take a little more “easing” into since I dislike weightlifting almost as much as I do running).

For the rest of the day- hmm, I need to go into Jasper and find some wireless internet (if you’re reading this, that means I was successful). In addition to blogging every few days, I’m also sort of taking an online class and I need to watch the corresponding video every other day.

This evening I’ll eat leftovers (I cooked my amazing Lemon Chicken Pasta last night) and study my Garmin GPS Instructional DVD so I can become an expert with my GPS which will allow me to not only NEVER get lost (despite the wishes of those who dare tell me to do so!), but I’ll be able to log how far I paddle or hike which will be kinda cool.

What follows are a few pics from today. The front of the house!

From my Kayak in Smith Lake looking to the back of the house.

Random ½ million dollar houses. Notice that the water is about 20 feet below normal.

ME in my Kayak on the lake.


Janet T said...

wow, that is quite a nice "cabin", glad to see you're not having to rough it too bad! seriously, it does sound like your "retreat" is off to a good start. As for eating habits, if you get to absolutely craving some really, really awesome food, check out Uncle Mort's on Hwy 278 going towards B'ham. It's not too far outside Jaspar, and I promise you they make the best western omelet you'll ever eat. Plus, it is a really neat place, I think Cracker Barrel must have modeled their restaurants after Uncle Mort's. Check it out, you won't be disappointed (unless they are closed!) love you, janet

Vickie_Raulin said...

You can also try the Green Top Cafe, just north of Sumiton, not far from Jasper. Go in there and get a barbecue sandwich and country french fries. It's absolutely wonderful. We lucked on it one time when we went to stop at Uncle Mort's and they were closed for a private party, and somebody told us about this place, and we stopped there, and oh, it was so good. And I've stopped there before and brought some home, and Janet has, too. It's called the Green Top, just outside Sumiton, going toward Birmingham.
p.s. I love you. Have Fun. Be careful, and thank you for blogging so we know you're okay. love, Momma

Vickie_Raulin said...

Oh, cool! I think I'd like kayaking, too... when we went white-water rafting, I thought next time we might try kayaks... have fun, little brother... love you tons...