Monday, January 28, 2008

Wiped Out!


People have "worship" strengths. The same way that people have learning strengths- like "Math" smart people, or "Kinetic" learners who learn by handling things. I tend to be drawn to God through nature. I love the rugged outdoors- mountains, boulders, clear streams. I feel close to God in places like that.

Today I biked an 11 mile Trail Loop in the Bankhead National Forest. I stopped no less than 4 times to lie down and catch my breath (my heart felt like it was going to beat right out of my chest!).

The trail is the Flint Creek Multi-Use Area. It's open to motorcycles, ATV's, Hikers, Bikers and Horses. But not to Jeeps apparently! It was so far back in the woods I could hear Banjo music!

The experience gave me a whole new perspective on "being close to God" in nature. I felt close to Him I was going to DIE any second!

Seriously, it wasn't that bad. It was an amazing trail- expertly layed out along a ridge that minimized the ups and downs. It was horrid going uphill, but the payoff- going downhill was amazing (except the near collision with the motorcycle). To make matters worse, I forgot my handy GPS. I would have loved to know where I was and how far I had to go. It only took 2 hours and 40 minutes though. Longer than I thought it would, but not bad for 4-5 episodes of cardiac arrest.

Speaking of nature. I missed most of the snowy weather as I had to go to NC for an Uncle's funeral last week. But when I finally got back, I was greeted with icicles in the backyard. Cool!

I was also greeted by a broken blower unit in the heat in the house right now. I'm doing my morning devotion time standing next to the oven with the two big burners turned on!

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Vickie_Raulin said...

Brrrrrrrrrr... come on over here, little brother... we have the heat cranked up...

p.s. the hike sounds wonderful.. hey! remember when we went to Idaho... there was this one place we stopped and you and I climbed, no, I think we practically ran to the top of this peak that could almost have fit right in with those in China... and I thought I was having a heart attack by the time we got to the top... yep... that's what your hike reminded me of... a million-mile-a-minute heart rate, but a beautiful view... that was a fun trip...

loving you... and praying for you, too...