Friday, April 4, 2008

A long day . . . so far. And still going . . . .

I didn't sleep last night. I dozed off for a few minutes here and there. I was really worried about not waking up for my taxi ride to the airport at 4 am. So I pretty much just stayed awake all night. And then, at 3:30 am or so I double checked my itinerary on my email and realized my flight was at 5:05 and not 6:30 or whatever I thought it was. The taxi driver was right on time though and we got to the airport by 4:30. I was watching his meter click off the cost in Macedonian Dinars. It was up to 1700 or so as we pulled into the airport (about $45.00). As I was pulling the money out he pushed a button and it jumped to over 6000 Dinar ($150.00). He said that was the "total". Needless to say, we had words. I think he ended up with about $80.00...still probably $30-$50.00 more than he should have gotten.

Arrived in Slovenia at 7:15ish am. My guidebook said there were busses to and from the city but I let a taxi driver nab me again. It cost about $60.00 to get into the city...probably double what it should have cost. We'll call it "the american tax".

He wanted to pick me up to bring me back to the airport but I ditched him and figured out which bus to cost about $7.00! You'd think I'd know better by now.

To top it all off, I ended up getting back to the airport like 4 hours too early. I thought my plane to Ukraine left at 3 and it leaves at 6 almost. Oh well. At least I get to update the blog and my facebook pictures.

The Capital of Slovenia is Ljubljana (Lyoobli ahna). It is the smallest Capital in Europe. It's also the greenest. So far in my limited experience I'd say Vienna is the only city I've been to that's prettier. It is stunning here. You can see snow capped Julian Alps to the north. There are trees and parks and daffodils everywhere. The architecture is wonderfully European. Most of it dating to the middle ages and after. Unlike the other cities I've seen so far on this trip, there is very little Ottoman/Muslim influence. It really makes a difference in the look of the city.

It's very clean. It's just beautiful. The Ski resorts are an hour away. Their are Medieval Castles throughout the land. The hiking is supposed to be amazing in the summer. Lots of people speak English. Yeah, I want to come back here.


Vickie_Raulin said...

owie... that American tax bites...

Judging by the photos and your descriptions, it's really beautiful... gives added meaning to that little praise "Thank You, God, for eyes to see..."

loving you... and praying for you always...

IndyAnna said...

Those photos are amazing!

Hi, I am Anna. I just happened to run across your blog while look at some other blogs. You have same pretty amazing stories. How long have you been traveling in Europe?

Maybe you could help me. I have been trying to dig up some information about Christianity in Belarus. Do you know anything about that country?

Ashley said...

I am noticing a trend here with missing trains and planes and other forms of transportation. It must be divine intervention though, because it seems something good is always coming of it. Anyway, it makes me laugh! I know I want you with me when I take my trek across the world- you are easily adaptable and are starting to figure out how to get lost or left gracefully!

Love you!