Sunday, October 24, 2010


Sometimes dreams can feel so dang real.  

I drove back to SC from Mississippi on Friday.  I was sick with some kind of bug all day and it was a miserable drive.  I didn't get back to SC until a little after midnight.

At some point in the morning I had this dream:  It was Monday morning and I was back in class.  I was supposed to turn-in my mid-term take-home exam but I hadn't finished it.  I was so ticked off at myself for not doing it.  I had no excuse.

So anyway...I wake up...and I'm just feeling miserable because I didn't do my test over the break.  I took me several minutes to realize that it was in fact...Saturday morning.  I hadn't returned to class yet.  I still had a couple days to finish my exams.

Crazy real dream!


Vickie (Clinton's sister) said...

I've done that before, too... got up, showered, dressed, drove all the way to work, worked, worked, worked til about the middle of the morning, and then... whammy... the alarm clock goes off and I still have it all to do... I was tired before I even got started... it is a mysterious thing...

Tina said...

I hate those kind of dreams. The very real dream I had last month involved almost being attacked by an intruder who just walked in and stood next to my bed, holding a weapon. Um....NOT COOL!!! The mind is a mysterious thing indeed. Glad you still had time to work on the exam. :)