Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Was Born a Travelin' Man (and Thank God for Fall Break!)

I have been "talking" with 2 different Mission Sending Organizations for several months.  One based in Florida and one based in Illinois.  A few weeks ago I clicked on the "submit" button after finally completing the online application for the Chicago based agency.  Apparently they forwarded my application to their Director in Ukraine.  A few days later I received a nice email from the guy and an invitation to get together with him via Skype for a telephone interview.  That ended up happening that very day- a 45 minute conversation.

Later that day or the next day he sent me an email informing me that he would be in the States this week and inviting me to spend a day with him in Chicago (or come to Ukraine the following week...which is a little out-of-the-way).  

So here I am.  It's Tuesday night and my Fall Break begins when I finish class tomorrow afternoon.  I'm headed to Atlanta tomorrow where I'll fly to Chicago tomorrow night.  (And I'll get to visit a couple of friends I worked with in Haiti tomorrow night too).  On Thursday I'll spend the day getting to know Doug- who will be my boss in Ukraine should things work out- and learning more about the ministry.

I'll fly back to Atlanta Friday and then drive to Birmingham where I intend to work on my old Jeep for the weekend while visiting some friends there.  

On Monday or Tuesday I'll head to Mississippi and probably help my buddy Stik do some Land Surveying for a few days.

I'm hoping to go to Mississippi State's Homecoming the following weekend before returning to Columbia for the beginning of Book 2 in my Russian Language studies.

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Vickie (Clinton's sister) said...

Sounds like you're going to be busy... but it's a wonderful kind of busy, isn't it? So glad things are moving forward... we love you... pray for you always, always...