Saturday, July 23, 2011

Waffle House and Walmart

Waffle House and Walmart!  Yep, that makes for a fine dining experience and good family entertainment!

I guess we're in the "dog days" of Summer.  I think both of my readers know that I'm living with and working with my best friend from college (when I'm not traipsing around the country looking for mission supporters!).  My buddy Stik- he's an engineer and surveyor.  Mostly, we Survey.  And that can be a HOT job during a Mississippi Summer.  So basically, we do as little as possible during this annual global warming tribute to Al Gore.

Actually, I've been able to increase the frequency of my Support Raising meetings now that we're not committed to a survey job everyday.  That's been a good thing for me.

There are days when I'm very anxious about securing 100% of my support but then there are days when God is just too good!  In my mind, I can't help but imagine how much Support person X or Y will give me as a meeting approaches.  Time and again I've been surprised.  I'm surprised that some of my greatest givers are former students just now beginning their careers.  How humbling is that?  I'm surprised about once a month here lately when someone that I had "written off" weeks ago contacts me to begin their giving.  Every time someone says "yes", it's affirmation to me that God has called me to Ukraine for such a time as this and where He called, He'll provide.  I wonder if my Supporters understand how their giving affirms me?

I'm starting to feel a little behind the 8-Ball for an early October departure but that's the goal.

I've got a lot of catching-up to do here on the Blog- I've spent a week at StudentLife Camp with the Zion Hill Youth, I've spoken in a couple churches, and I'm headed back to Chicago next week to continue training with I-Teams.  Be on the lookout for more news soon!