Monday, December 31, 2012

Has it been a whole month?

That's pitiful!  After blogging everyday in November, I almost went all of December without writing anything!

I've blown several good blog opportunities.

I could have written about how I spent 15 hours on 3 different trains getting from Ukraine to Munich to catch my flight home.

I could write about seeing The Hobbit in Germany before it released in the States.

I could write about reuniting with my Jeep and driving across three States without a License.

I could write about seeing friends at Zion Hill Church, or at Bayou View Church, or about how Agricola Baptist Church replaced my broken computer with a brand new beast of a laptop.

I could write about all the friends I've seen and all the favorite foods I've eaten or how I've gained 10 pounds in two weeks.

Of course, I could write about Christmas and riding my niece and nephews around in my Jeep with the top off on a sunny 65 degree day!

But right now I don't have time to write any of that because I'm at Passion 2013 and the Doorholder meeting starts in a little while.

I promise I will write about it though!  In a few days.


Thuy said...

Dear Clinton, please forgive me for not seeing you while I was in MS. Sounds like you packed a lot of good stuff into your month in the states! I am thinking of you and so glad you are at Passion 2013 - so jealous!

Anonymous said...

Oh Mr. Clinton this is Beth saying that the passion 2013 I would go to instead of righting on my blog. though I don't have a blog so I not judging you just saying

Anonymous said...

If anybody can get the word through christie you can Mr.Clinton from Beth

Anonymous said...

I mean Katie