Monday, December 3, 2012

I like mine Smothered, Covered, Scattered, and Chunked!

Every month, because I'm an important member of the...get something free from Waffle House every month club...I get a teasing email from them.  Sometimes it's a free Waffle.  Sometimes it's the ever tempting Hash Browns.  Sometimes it's a dessert or a free drink.

And every month it's the same.  Every month I'm forced to simply delete the email because, alas, there are no Waffle Houses in Ukraine.

Every month I receive an email offer like it's some sort of cruel prank.

But not this time.

This time I will use my Waffle House coupon.  This time, fate, is on my side.


Megan Anderson said...

If you need a friend to give the coupons to..i am always available :) can't wait to see ya at passion!

Anonymous said...

Clipper, you make me laugh! It is time for you to get yourself back here for some southern/American culture. What's not to love about the Waffle House! A few years ago, Mar and I thought the Lord might be moving us to a little town in Alabama, and all I could think was, "It has a Waffle House!!!"

Everything is officially set. Grace's friend Mikayla will be coming to Passion! She and her mom and sister will spend Christmas in Sweden and then fly into Atlanta on the 30th or 31st. My sister has promised to come with me to pick her up as we will only be two hour away. All I can say is that only the Lord Jesus could do this kind of perfect scheduling. Yay!!!!!!

Love ya,

Beth in Ukraine said...

You love waffles enough to get emails from waffle house, and you make a point of eating them in the USA? Am so impressed. You have great taste in food and I have great taste in friends.