Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Weight Loss Index

I don't think I've stepped on a scale this year but anytime I'm overseas for more than 3 months I start loosing weight.  That's not a bad thing.  I remember on The World Race I think I stayed fairly constant most of the year up until the last 3 months.  I almost shriveled away in SE Asia.

Here in Ukraine I don't think I noticed much weight loss until late-summer.  Here's a pic of me in June I think.

By early August my lone pair of Bluejeans were getting baggy and I asked my friends Caleb and Haley to bring a new pair when they visited; I ordered a size smaller in the waist.

It was hot and I had a pretty active summer eating a lot of "camp" food.

Fast forward to, now.  Those new Jeans I started wearing in early August are baggy on me by about an inch in the waist.  My Medium t-shirts that used to be tight around the gut now hang on me just a little bit.  And this shirt I bought on sale last year that NEVER fit me before now fits pretty good.

So there you have my patented weight-loss program:

Move to a foreign country.

Cook fresh foods rather than processed foods.

Get rid of your car and walk everywhere.

Carry all your stuff- computer, books, groceries, etc with you in a small backpack!

Work all summer in camps chasing and being chased by rugrats.

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Anonymous said...

That settles it. The Dorrises are coming to Ukraine to shed some pounds!