Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another Step Forward

I mentioned last week that I'm looking for an umbrella! An organization to go to Ukraine with.

I think I've found that organization. It's still too early to make an announcement... but all the paperwork has been submitted. The organization is waiting for my Medical Exam report, Background Check and probably waiting for references to be returned.

The process is like this: Once all the paperwork is complete, then their Board of Directors will "Pre-Approve" me for service in Ukraine pending a final interview/orientation during a 5-day training session at their office here in Mississippi.

The Good & The Bad.

Bad First: Assuming I'm approved after the training session, which is the last week of October, then I'll only have 2 months to raise financial support.

The Good. I love their philosophy about being a "Mission Sending Agency". Technically, they don't see themselves as a Mission Sending Agency. They want the local church to be the Sender and they want to a Servant to both the Missionary and the Church. I like that. My home church, Bayou View Baptist Church in Gulfport, is supportive and on-board.

My church will be the anchor of my prayer support and Pastoral support. They will probably also take care of the yearly administrative fees needed by the Mission Agency. Finally, they will be encouraged to support me by sending teams or individuals for short-term trips.

The "Agency" will serve me by providing guidance from their 38 years of experience as well as all the necessary financial services during my deputation period. They will serve the church by providing opportunities for short-term trips.

So there ya go! If you have any "in's" for finding an apartment in the Poznyaky or Kharkovsky area in Kiev be sure and let me know. Russian Language School begins January 12; I plan to be there about January 7th or 8th. Lord willing.


Michelle said...

From what you've shared about what you want to do in Ukraine, this sounds perfect! Blessings!

Vickie said...

Wow... when doors open...

Ashley said...

Hi Clinton, this is Ashley from IT. I apologize that I have been out of the office. I'll be trying to call this week, just to make sure we've covered everything. I'm so glad you've found someplace that will work!