Monday, November 24, 2008

A funny thing happened the other night at the ballgame!

"Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the Humphrey Coliseum for an evening of Bas-ket-ball. Mississippi State Style!" And so the evening began.

It had already been a pretty fun day as the Football Bulldogs beat Arkansas for the first time in 10 years! It was cold but it was fun.

So...after the football game I attended my first Mississippi State Basketball game in YEARS. I don't remember the last time I saw them play, especially in the cozy confines of the The Hump.

And I had GREAT company to boot! My friend Lindsey from Gulfport- she works for the Admissions Office at MSU.

So anyway. I had just sat down with Lindsey and her friend Molly just before tipoff. Mississippi State was playing Fairleigh Dickinson in the 2nd Round of the Legends Classic Tournament.

I mean, really? Who is Fairleigh Dickinson and where are they from?

So I turned to the three older ladies (blue hair, the works!) sitting behind us and asked. I probably should have said, "Excuse me", or something first...but instead I just blurted out:

"Where is Fairleigh Dickinson from?"

The lady in the middle just stared at me. For a long time. She was giving me the "look".

I didn't recognize the look but apparently Lindsey recognized it and jumped to my defense by rephrasing the question: "Do you know where the Fairleigh Dickinson team is from?"

Almost immediately all three ladies jumped into action trying to answer the question- even shouting further down the aisle to confirm their thought that FDU was, in fact, from Hackensack, New Jersey!

And then, just a moment later, the lady in the middle offered the reason for her "look". She told us she thought that I, a total stranger, had turned to her and said, "Where in the dickens are you from?"


vickie said...

rofl... that is so funny... and I needed the laugh desperately... God bless you!!!!

Elysa said...

HA! Hopefully the Ukrainians will understand you better and not think you're trying to by their car to eat for lunch or some such nonsense! :D