Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break

I can't believe Spring Break is half-way over already.

Last Saturday was Radooga's youth conference here in Kyiv. They used the exact same theme that StudentLife used this year: LiveLove. As a matter of fact, a couple guys from Birmingham flew over for the weekend and I got to have dinner with them Saturday night after the conference.

The conference was great! I'd say it was everybit as technologically cutting edge as stuff back home; in fact, we even had a live feed connecting us with the StudentLife Conference in Atlanta- and that was pretty cool! And like the conferences back home- it wasn't the band, the lights or the drama-team that made the was the student leaders investing in the lives of their students and putting them in a place to be able to hear God. The conference was on the campus of the National Aviation University in Kyiv- home of Ukrainian Top Gun!

On Sunday evening I flew one of the regional low-cost airlines (WizzAir) to London where I stayed at the Globetrotter Inn Hostel. It's a turn-of-century hospital turned 370+ bed hostel. Some people live there- like my friend Becky from Gulfport- she's studying this semester in London. Groups as large as 100 stay there for a few days at a time while touring in London. It's a cool environment, with people from all over the world living there. A couple other friends- students from MC are also there this semester.

Of course- London is just a cool city. It's expensive (but not as much as it was a year ago!) but it's easy to get around in and there's so much to do and see. I attended plays at the National Theatre both Monday and Tuesday night. One play, "Burnt by the Sun" was set in post-revolution Russia...just as the "dream" was about to turn bad under Stalin. I really enjoyed it.

The rest of the short time there I spent in Museums. I just barely scratched the surface. My favorite was the Imperial War Museum. It was pretty awesome. I can fly there roundtrip for under $100.00 and the hostel is about $28.00 a maybe I can go back and stay longer.

TOMMORROW: My World Race friend Jake arrives in the morning to take care of the final logistics in preparation for a World Race team of 51 set to arrive here Sunday afternoon.


Vickie (Clinton's sister) said...

Wow... what an amazing week you're having. I am SO glad. And everybody speaks English, too, hunh? That's gotta be way beyond cool... lol. The photos are great... praying for you always... and loving you, too...

Vickie (Clinton's sister) said...

In case you haven't heard yet, Momma said Janet's surgery went well and she's home from the hospital. They didn't keep her overnight. She'll be out of work for all next week per doctor's orders, so that's great! I was concerned her boss'd have her doing more than she should before she should. Whooo hooo... thank You, Jesus!