Friday, January 21, 2011

Northward Bound

Just in case you hadn't heard (slim chance since there's only 4 people that read this blog)- I'm driving later today to Elgin, Illinois where I'll participate in 3 weeks of training/orientation with International Teams.  I'm hoping to visit with friends and eat Pizza in Chicago for the next 3 weeks and seeing some other friends along the way both there and back.

Week 1- 
  • Missions related Biblical teaching
  • Mission Statement & Core Values of IT
  • Organizational Structure of IT
  • Worldwide Ministries of IT
  • Cross-cultural communication styles
  • Team Dynamics
  • The Church in Mission
  • Concept and constituent parts of TEmP (a planning tool used in IT)
Weeks 2-3-
  • Missions related Biblical Teaching
  • The Gospel in a pluralistic world
  • Concept and Development of a LifeMap
  • Financial procedures within IT
  • Issues of prejudice and reconciliation
  • Issues related to struggles within personal relationships
  • Issues related to singleness and marriage
  • Issues related to supernatural spiritual realities
  • Financial planning
  • Conditions for working in teams
  • Characteristics of leaders/servants
These 2 segments are known as A2 and A3.  I've already completed 12 online lessons required for A1.  A4 will be another 2 week residential segment later this summer related to language acquisition.  A5 is an independent study module that will include 13 weeks of meeting with a mentor and studying Larry Crabb's book, Inside Out.  

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vickie (clinton's sister) said...

wow... sounds like you're going to have a busy spring and summer... and sounds like IT believes in equipping their people for the job. Praying for you on all levels... and especially for the financial support...