Saturday, January 28, 2012

Stuff I hope is still in storage....

Just before Christmas back in 2009 I packed-up what I could take back to the States after living a year in Kyiv, Ukraine.  A friend offered to let me put the rest of my stuff in his rented storage unit. 

I left my favorite Backpack.  I love that backpack.  It’s a decent size but very light.  I left my tent.  I’m not talking about a Walmart-special, but a tiny little one-man trail tent.  As you can tell, I had intentions of hiking and camping.  I never got around to it back then, but I fully expected to return to Ukraine some day.

I left my huge and very warm Parka.  I knew I wouldn’t need it in Mississippi but again, I had every intention of returning to Ukraine.  I left a nice pair of hiking boots.  

I left my 12-string Ukrainian-made guitar.  I left a small flat-screen tv.  I left some books and papers and clothes and cooking stuff.  I left an entire bed!

I told my buddy back then to give some of it away…like the bed…which I think he did.  And I think I told him I didn’t need the books, so if they’re gone that’s ok too.  I might have told him it would be alright to let the TV and the Guitar and the cookware go too  (Truth is, I’d like to buy a better Guitar!).

So why do you care what I left in storage?  You don’t.  I know that.  But I do have a couple of points.

1)      I’m going to Kyiv this coming Monday to retrieve what’s left.  And you know what?  If none of it is there then I’ll go right on living and breathing.  I can honestly say, “My stuff does not own me”.
2)      That said, I’m glad I left stuff here 2 years ago.  For me, it was a “faith” thing.  I was dealing with things in my life that at times paralyzed me yet through it all I felt God’s call to be here.  Leaving stuff here was like a deposit on a promise.

Do you have “stuff” or does your stuff have you?
Are you “pressing-on” toward the promise God planted in your heart?


Denise said...

So very true Clinton, I think often we forget this point. Stuff is just that stuff!

Vickie (Clinton's sister) said...

Little Momma says she hopes and prays your "stuff" is still there. She says (and it's true) that you make her cry every time she hears one of your posts... but it's good tears... strengthening tears... faith building tears. I think that's true from all your family. we love you, little brother... love the call God has on your life... love your answer to it...

Karen said...

"deposit on a promise" - I so needed to read this today! Thank you!! Praying for you as the new adventure begins!

Tina said...

"Leaving stuff here was like a deposit on a promise"... what an eye-opening line. It showed incredible faith, and it inspires me. Thank you for that. Love you!