Sunday, December 7, 2008


It means the act of appointing someone to represent you- like an Ambassador.  It's also used in reference to raising support from those that are sending you- which is what I am up to my ears in doing right now.  

Raising Support.  Enlisting "Ministry Partners".  

It's a neat way of looking at things actually- that I am raising financial and prayer support from those who are sending me.  Get it?  I'm not just going for me.  True, I feel called and led of God to go to Ukraine- but YOU (some of you anyway- maybe even all 3 of you that read my blogs!) are sending me... and providing the way for me to go as well.  How awesome is that?

I spoke briefly at Bayou View Baptist Church in Gulfport this morning.  Chris- the Pastor- prayed a Commissioning Prayer for me at the end of the service.  It is a humbling, amazing thing that the church is so behind what God has called me to do.

Tonight I'm speaking at Handsboro Baptist Church, also in Gulfport.  In between, I'm trying to make appointments with old friends around Gulfport for the purpose of- you got it- Deputation!  

Pray for me as I continue to meet with people and cast the vision I think is from the Lord.  Everyone has been very supportive.  At the same time- if I were choosing a time to do this- right at Christmas and in the middle of our worst economy since The Great Depression would not be the time of my choosing.

Nevertheless, I believe God's Economy is strong.  In my weakness He is strong, right?

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Tina said...

It's so exciting that you got commmissioned by BVBC this morning! Wish I could have seen it in person!

You are totally right. In our weakness, He is strong, and he can do anything, regardless of the state of the economy.

I so admire how you go out of your comfort zone.