Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Tag...not like I'm gonna be home to drive it though!

Oh my eyes!

The other morning my Dad handed me the little notice from the friendly, local Tax Assessor informing me that my tag was up for renewal again.

It was first thing in the morning (my morning anyway...early afternoon for my Dad and Stepmom). Anyway, as I squinted at the little card without my glasses (Bi Focals mind you), I thought the fee for my Tag Renewal was over $300.00!


After a shower and lunch and after putting on my glasses I noticed that my tag was actually just over $100.00.

Feeling like I had just received $200.00 OFF of my tag I splurged ($33.00 extra) for a Vanity Tag.

I wonder how many people will think I'm from Ukraine and drove here from there? Or how many people will try to make it say something by spelling it out?


Tina said...

Being someone who loves the good ole sunlight, I would be the dork who tries to spell it out, thinking:

1) that it's trying to say: "Uck. Rain!"

2) Then I would wonder why you don't know how to spell 'rain'. :)

Karen said...

LOL! I could totally see people wondering if you drove over here from Ukraine! (And then trying to figure out where Ukraine is..."um...isn't that like Russia or something...") *sigh*