Monday, November 26, 2012

30 Days of Blogging. Day 26, Lazy Day.

Typically my Monday's are relatively hopping.  Well, not terribly busy, but any day that requires two trips downtown is a big day for me.  So, typically I have language study late morning and then band practice late afternoon and that usually makes for a pretty full day.  I usually wake up in time to go over my language stuff for an hour or so before making my way into town.  Then in the afternoon, I like to practice our music and songs before going to band practice.  It's usually after 8:30 at night before I get home.

But today my language lesson was moved, and we cancelled band practice today.  And this weekend I stayed up all stinkin' night Saturday watching that excuse of an Egg Bowl.  After church yesterday I crashed. Hard.  I think I took about a 5 hour nap!  Naturally, I was up all night again.  At least I was productive; I got into cleaning/organizing mode for several hours!

So, what with staying up all night and not having any responsibilities today...I slept till after 1.  And I've spent a good bit of time since then horizontal on the couch.

I'm not in the least bit upset by any of this.  Sometimes it's just nice to be lazy.


Steve Finnell said...

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Anonymous said...

Naps are good!!! I love to spend time praying before a nap. I know that sounds like a ploy to justify a nap. It is. But I got where I was routinely taking naps when I was on night duty with my daddy (alzheimers), and I just loved that time with the Lord. Just say it with me: Naps are good!

Julie D.