Tuesday, November 6, 2012

30 Days of Blogging. Day 6. Humble Beginnings.

Tonight we kicked-off a ministry to International Students in the form of a Coffee House.  Nine people showed up; I think one was an actual University Student.

On the one hand I can think of a hundred things I could have done before launching this ministry like doing a better job training our "hosts", and doing a better job communicating the vision to other ministry leaders both in our church and in other churches, like doing a better job connecting with Christian University students from several churches who ultimately will be the hands and feet and mouthpiece for this ministry.  But then again, this is our on-the-job training.  We'll only meet for the month of November before the universities here in town shut down in December for the holidays and throughout January and February because of the harsh weather.  How's that for a Winter Break?

I knew that going into it.  It was either launch now with "something", or wait 'till March.  Our "Business Cards" will be ready tomorrow and I'll get them distributed as best I can to some kids that can pass them out on campus.  Our numbers will grow each week.  Our Christian kids will start to get the idea that their campus is a mission field and God wants to use them to reach their friends and at some point, those foreign students who go to school here.  Churches and Pastors will figure out that we're not trying to steal kids from their respective churches; we're trying to point some new kids towards their churches.

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Vickie (Clinton's sister) said...

God loves using humble beginnings...