Thursday, November 8, 2012

30 Days of Blogging. Day 8. Hey, I built an IPhone App!

Sounds more impressive than it really is.  Really.  I used a 3rd party App creator and mostly it was drag-n-drop.  However I probably have 40+ hours in it and already can think of some improvements for the next version.  In it's first day available in the ITunes App Store, 15 people (including me) downloaded it for free.  That's 50% more than I expected altogether.

So what's it for and what does it do?

I'll admit, one reason for creating it was just to see if I could do it.  I wish I could drag-n-drop something like Angry Birds (I was thinking "Dirty Birds" where the Atlanta Falcons score goals using a giant slingshot...but I suspect there's LOTS of infringement issues there).

Another reason though is to allow friends and family (and maybe a stranger or two) with an Iphone/Ipad the ability to easily see and share what I'm doing.  I especially like the Prayer Request part that's linked to a dedicated Twitter Account that I use solely for Prayer Request and Praise accounts.  Getting ready for church Sunday morning or your Mission Class on Wednesday and want to pray for me?  Load the App and see what I'm praying for.

You can send me a message via Email (right now, there's two ways to do me or through's redundant so on the next version I'll remove one and add a new feature).  Since I almost always have my IPad with me it's almost like real-time communication.

The pictures are linked to a Flickr account and I'll try to change them at least monthly.  In the summer when I'm working at camps, I'll change it every week and let the whole album tell the story of the camp.

You can access my latest blogs.  You can sign-up for my email newsletter and even support me financially online following the links.  Of course, there's lots of information about the ministries and projects I'm working on.

So, it's practical.  And kinda cool.  And one more serves as a "test platform".  If there's enough interest then I might build an App specifically for Ruka Dopomogy here in Ukraine where youth leaders can get teaching content, game ideas, online registration, etc. and now that I've done it one time I can probably build something for other missionaries that are interested.

You can find the App, "Clinton White in Ukraine" in the ITunes App Store.

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