Sunday, November 4, 2012

30 Days of Blogging. Day 4. My Dream Job.

I'm cheating today.  I wrote this short blog a few days ago.  I was invited to join a blog community called Storylane- it's a blog that prompts you to write about specific topics.  The first one: Describe your dream job.  So I wrote about how my dream job is the job I have right now.  For now, anyway.

I'm a Christian missionary. I happen to live and serve in Ukraine. But in reality, I'd consider myself a Christian missionary no matter where I lived. I think all Christians are missionaries; or should be.

I serve with a great organization called International Teams. Our Vision is to see lives and communities transformed by the power of God. How we do that, our Mission is: bringing people together to help the oppressed.

We identify with 3 kids of oppression: Financial (the poor), Physical (the slave), and Spiritual (the lost). We want to bring people together to provide access to food, freedom, and forgiveness for those most marginalized in our world.

My particular job with ITeams is as a National Trainer with a Ukrainian Youth Ministry organization called Ruka Dopomogy (Helping Hands). I help Eastern European churches build sustainable, Jesus-focused youth ministries. I'm also involved in College Student and Refugee work, anti-trafficking, and orphan-care.

I don't make a lot of money. But I don't need a lot, either. I get to serve to my strengths and passions. There's enough "routine" in my job to give me some structure; but enough variety to keep things interesting.

Learning the Russian language is a challenge and most days I feel like I'll never really be fluent. But some days, when I'm able to accomplish a task or have a meaningful interaction with someone...well, those days give me hope.

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