Wednesday, November 28, 2012

30 Days of Blogging. Day 28, Countdown....

Two weeks from today (I think) I'll begin the trip back to Mississippi for Christmas.  I don't feel especially burned-out or anything.  I'm in a pretty good place emotionally and physically and as spiritually good as a plank eyed saint with dirty hands and heart divided (and who really can't understand 90% of any given sermon) can be.

I think it's just knowing I'm headed back in a couple weeks has my brain in "shut-down" mode on this end and in "start-up" mode for the familiar of home.

Home.  Now there's a funny word.  If it's a building, a domicile....then I don't have one.  Here or there.  I'm hard pressed to identify a hometown even.  I don't really feel like I have any place to "go back to".

I guess home is more like family and friends, and well, familiarity.  I am looking forward to all of that.

My parents aren't getting younger.  That's in the back of my mind every time I board a plane.  My great-nephews and nieces are getting older.  I don't like missing that.

I learned while on The World Race a few years ago that for my friends back goes on.  Without me.  It's difficult to remain connected to them and my nature is to remain connected.  Regardless of how it happens, when those bonds are broken, it sometimes feels like abandonment on this end.

So being back in Mississippi, even for just a couple weeks, is needed.

And bacon, is needed.
And biscuits.
And fried catfish.  And BBQ.  And a Steak.  And Taco's.  And bacon.


Anonymous said...

Clinton, you've really hit on a subject that I've been pondering as of late. Keeping up those connections with friends halfway across the world. We must do better!

Julie D.

Anonymous said...


Do they not have bacon in Ukraine? Well bless your heart!

Julie D.

Ministry Happens in Ukraine said...

Jules, thanks for all the comments! Sometimes you can find a somewhat bacon flavored meat product if you're lucky and know what to look for. Sometimes it's close, but it's never the same.